First, an A&E doctor, then a contestant on Love Island... Here’s how Dr Alex George’s journey to fame developed and how he became appointed the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador. 

Who is Dr Alex George? 

Dr Alex George is one of the biggest names online, and now, everyone knows exactly who Dr Alex is. 

He began his career in Emergency Medicine before appearing on the fourth series of ITV2’s Love Island and starting his journey to internet stardom. 

Life before Love Island: 1991 - 2018 

Born in the 90s in Carmarthen, Wales, Alex is the oldest of three children and went on to study Medicine at the University of Exeter. 

Having also had a passion for medicine, Alex went on to work as an A&E doctor at University Hospital Lewisham in London.

As well as living a busy life as a doctor, Alex had a passion for cars which he documented across social media. He also regularly travelled, spending quality time with family and friends in stunning locations around the world.

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Love Island: 2018 

In 2018, Dr Alex joined the line-up for the fourth season of ITV2’s Love Island. Along with the likes of Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer, Alex become a national talking point. 

As one of the original contestants of the show, Dr Alex stole the hearts of millions. Gentle, down to earth and of course, a doctor, he was unlike any other islander. 

Throughout his stint on the show, Alex coupled up with various girls, none of which were quite right for the A&E doctor.

Documenting his charming personality and hilarious sense of humour, Dr Alex became a firm favourite and somewhat of a national treasure during his time on the show. 

Although Alex didn’t make it to final three, he left just two days before the final – impressive, right? 

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Life after Love Island: 2018 – 2019 

It was always his intention to go back to his day job as an A&E doctor after appearing on Love Island. And, after a few months adjusting to his newfound fame and life in the limelight, Alex did just that. 

Now, Alex juggles the life of a busy, working doctor with his work as a social media influencer. However, he is more than just an influencer and is making huge changes, one step at a time. 

It wasn’t long before Alex had reached a significant number of followers and began to use his social media platforms to raise awareness of important topics and to educate his audience on health and wellbeing

Combining his experience of being a doctor with his social media fame, Dr Alex well and truly found his niche.

And since leaving the villa, Alex has appeared on numerous shows, including Lorraine, to share his expertise and knowledge with a much wider audience. 

Alex remains friends with many of his fellow islanders, and they regularly appear on each other’s feeds. 

Just months after appearing on ITV's hottest show, Dr Alex announced he was launching his very own podcast, The Waiting Room with Dr Alex. Using his brand-new platform to reach people far and wide, Alex’s podcast discusses everything from everyday health worries to pregnancy, A&E, food and fitness. Utilising both his own experiences and interviewing other industry experts and healthcare professionals, The Waiting Room is just another of Dr Alex’s successful ventures. 

It was also during this time that Alex created a YouTube channel, too. Uploading daily vlogs, momentous life events and showcasing his passion for cars, Alex’s channel continues to be a roaring success. 

2020 – Present 

2020 was a difficult year for many, but even more so for Dr Alex who was busy working hard on the NHS frontline in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

As well as spending his time working long and gruelling hours in a busy hospital, Dr Alex still made time to update his followers on social media, providing them with valuable tips, tricks and advice to stay both safe and healthy. 

In the summer of 2020, Dr Alex suffered a huge personal loss. After losing his younger brother to mental health complications, he made it his mission to raise as much awareness as possible, ensuring that all children, teenagers and young people are educated on the matter. 

After months of campaigning about mental health, a topic he was already incredibly passionate about, Dr Alex was appointed as the UK’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador by The Prime Minister.

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At the beginning of 2021, Alex announced that he would be leaving the A&E department to pursue a career as GP. 

And in March, Alex combined even more of his passions and founded his very own business, prescrib’d - a vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly range of bath products. With a focus on sustainability and wellness, Dr Alex was keen to create a product that allowed people to take some time for themselves, whilst donating to Young Minds charity for every bath bomb sold. 

To take his career to the next level, Alex has also recently published his first book, Live Well Every Day, addressing the modern health challenges of today’s world, including anxiety, mental health, sexual health and social pressures. 

Dr Alex has been the perfect addition to our social media feeds over recent years, and his wealth of knowledge and expertise in various areas is something we all regularly call upon. 

Honest, relatable and down to earth, Alex is the true definition of an influencer, and we can't wait to see what is in store for him next.

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