The LGBT community – it’s a movement that has been around since the late 1980s and thanks to increasing awareness, members of the LGBT community are finally able to be more open about their sexual identity. 

Social media – it’s a crazy, complicated world which probably has more negative press surrounding it than it does positive, but however it’s perceived, it undoubtedly plays a massive part in the daily lives of billions of people around the world.

The LGBT community + Social media – they’re a dynamic duo which is becoming an extremely powerful marriage that when put together can make a real difference. For some years social media has been playing a positive part in the LGBT community with the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram now acting as a comfortable place for members of the community to talk and be heard by the thousands and in some cases, millions. 

Whether it be using social media platforms as a place to get advice, raise awareness, share experiences, support others or even to come out to friends and family, more and more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are turning to social media.

One group of individuals making an impact online are social media influencers who, through the followers they have, the content they generate, the brands they work with or the products they bring to market, have a direct impact on the LGBT community. And, they’re setting an example that many more should follow. 

Here are just a few of our favourite and most inspirational LGBT influencers who use their platforms as a place to speak out for the community – 

Jeffree Star

While he came out long before he became an internet sensation, Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel has become a safe place where he can share videos about his sexuality and a place where his 6,793,533 subscribers can seek comfort and advice, and comic entertainment, through his honest and open video content.

Jeffree has always been extremely open about his sexuality and supports the LGBT community in any way possible. In 2017 Jeffree announced that 100% of any profit he earns on his beauty collaboration with makeup brand, Jouer Cosmetics, will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. He has also donated money to the OneOrlando Fund, the former LGBT civil rights organisation.

Alex Bertie

Often hailed as a transgender poster boy, Alex Bertie lived life as a female up until the age of 15 when he changed his name and began his official transition into a man. 

He turned to YouTube four years ago to document the highs and lows of his transition, including battling body dysphoria, hormone treatments and chest surgery. The content he creates on his channel focusses on LGBT issues and seeks to give advice to others out there thinking about or going though a transition. 

Alex has worked on numerous campaigns that support the LGBT community including recently teaming up with River Island for their ‘Labels are for Clothes’ campaign. 

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is perhaps one of the world’s best-known YouTubers famed for his entertaining video content. Across his two YouTube channels he has a combined 21,347,015 subscribers! 

In 2015 Shane made the decision to use his YouTube channel as the place to come out, publicly, to his subscribers. The emotional and inspiring video received 9,461,918 views and marked a change in his content. 

Able to be more open about his life, Shane began posting videos about his life as a bi-sexual man including videos about his first date with a man and opening up about his sexuality to his dad. 

The LGBT community is now being given more media, social and political time that it deserves. And, these are just three of the many inspirational LGBT influencers using their role in the community and their worldwide social presence to directly impact and raise awareness of the community.

At Influencer Matchmaker we are proud supporters of the LGBT community and always get involved with events where possible. On the 10 May we are heading to London for The LGBT Diversity & Inclusion Showcase – an event which seeks to educate and raise awareness of the community. 

Taking place at London’s Searcys at the Gherkin, and organised by Champions After Dinner Speakers, the event will feature talks from prominent individuals in the LGBT community including Olympic swimmer Mark Foster who recently came out as gay, trans woman, Kellie Maloney, musician, Justin Osmond and long-standing advocate for the community, EastEnders’s Beverly Callard. 

We work with a fantastic network of LGBT social media influencers, for more information on how you can work with them, contact Amelia Neate and team on 0203 95 80 427 or email info@influencerchampions