In today’s world of shopping, buying online is what drives the most sales, making it a favourite amongst consumers, and amongst businesses.

There has been a heavy shift from the high street to our laptops, making online purchasing the norm. With such digital spending habits, adjusting marketing tactics to the purchasing sphere is crucial, which is where ecommerce marketing comes into action.

There are different factors to consider when channelling your ecommerce marketing, and businesses adopt various marketing strategies to increase online sales. However, a very popular method that has proven to be successful is ecommerce influencer marketing.

What is ecommerce influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has become an extremely popular form of marketing, with the industry being valued at $13.8 billion at the end of 2021, expected to increase by up to 20% in 2023.

It involves using a celebrity or influencer as a promotional tool, and them sharing content about your product or service to their own following. For ecommerce influencer marketing, it is the same approach, but applied to an ecommerce business.

The industry of ecommerce businesses is highly saturated, with 7 million online retailers and counting. That means that standing out and attracting customers over other businesses is key, which is where ecommerce influencers come into play.

With Millennials being a key audience as digitally driven people, their preferences for marketing must be taken into consideration – and their preference is for influencer marketing over traditional marketing.

Ecommerce influencers can greatly benefit your brand campaigns, and for various reasons. Here’s why...

Benefits of using influencers for ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce influencers are perceived as trustworthy sources of information. In fact, customers find influencers 61% more trustworthy than brands, and 49% of Twitter users rely on recommendations from influencers to encourage their purchase.

More specifically, 84% of Millennials don’t trust traditional forms of marketing - which is a large chunk of potential customers!

With such highly esteemed opinions and authentic content that resonates with followers, promoting your brand through influencers would achieve positive results.

The content that influencers share is of a high standard, too, as they are experts in content creation and in tailoring their content to their audience. This will reflect positively on your brand, with followers associating the quality of the content with your business.

Influencers also know how to make their content engaging, showcasing the product in the most appealing way possible and in a fashion that leads to engagement.

A method that influencers use is sharing a promotional code to encourage a purchase, acting as a call to action. This means that your ecommerce marketing would create a purchase journey for your customers, in a less obvious sense than traditional forms of marketing.

For the whole experience of online shopping, influencers contribute to adding a personal layer that is missed with the pull away from high-street shopping. Offering their own opinion, often in the form of video content, can make your ecommerce marketing seem more human and relatable.

The social media influence on online shopping adds another avenue for marketing products and purchasing products, with measurable results and adaptable content. Particularly now that video content and social media are the preferred forms of consuming content, especially for Millennials, marketing your product in these forms would ensure you’re adjusting your methods to your audience, earning quantitative results in the process – and you won’t be disappointed!

How to find the right the influencers for your brand

Sourcing the right influencers is crucial, so that they are sharing content to your desired audience.

When choosing an influencer, don’t solely focus on their following count, thinking that if their audience is large, it will result in the corresponding number of results. The right audience is more important that the size of the audience, and an agency such as ours can help you pinpoint the perfect influencer!

We’ve created some successful brand collaborations with ecommerce businesses, including pairing Stacey Solomon with ecommerce giant Amazon, promoting its Mother's Day campaign with the hashtag #GenerationOfGiving.

She provided social media content and involved her son, Rex, and her grandmother, fully embracing the topic at hand. Adding such a personal touch to her content added the human element that may have been missing from an ecommerce business, such as Amazon. 

We’ve also paired fashion blogger, Grace Surguy, with ecommerce business Abott Lyon, with social media content that showed her loving and wearing the jewellery.

With her smaller yet loyal and niche following, and her passion for fashion and all things stylish and fun, promoting Abott Lyon matched her content and fashion sense, proving to be authentic, trustworthy promotion.

Adding the personal touch to your ecommerce marketing couldn’t be easier, which is why influencer marketing could incredibly boost your sales – and you’ll thank us later!

Want to find out how to launch an influencer marketing campaign for ecommerce brands, and find the right influencer in the process? Contact us and our team at Influencer Matchmaker can help you perfect your ecommerce marketing!