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Niki DeMartino is a fashion and beauty YouTuber, singer, songwriter, and actress. Along with her twin sister Gabi and older sister Alex, Niki began her career in 2010 She then went on to create a YouTube channel with her sister Gabi titled ‘Niki and Gabi’, alongside, her very own self-titled channel. ’  

After posting her first solo video to YouTube in 2015, Niki’s social media presence has continued to sky-rocket, proving her popularity with fans. With her sister, Niki spent a lot of time creating Ariana Grande inspired videos before venturing into music.  

Also, a regular user of Instagram, Niki’s feed is filled with lifestyle snaps, selfies and uses the photo-sharing platform to share her unique sense of style.  

Niki documents her personal life in vlogs, as well as using her YouTube channel to share her songs and latest music.  

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