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About Luke...

Since December 2014, the Simply Luke channel has been growing, having now become one of the most popular in the country. With a strong pool of subscribers behind him, the young star has gained significant fame as a result of his vlogging success.

Sharing exclusive insights into his life alongside entertaining pranks and jokes, his channel is full of hilarious videos. With his light-hearted and humorous demeanor, Simply Luke is your regular teenage boy and has thus become a popular presence on YouTube.

Posting a plethora of content from Q&As to challenges, Simply Luke is active with his audience, talking, commenting and posting requested content. His recent videos have included playing the 'song lyric prank' on his friends, YouTubers and friends of friends. No matter what type of content he delivers, Luke's bubbly personality ensures he is one of the most versatile influencers in the digital landscape today.

This superstar digital influencer, brand ambassador, vlogger and creator has been a major influence online for many years. Building a status as a big name on Instagram, YouTube, YouNow and other online platforms, Simply Luke's channels have exploded in popularity.

Some of Simply Luke's most popular 2018 videos include: How To Do The Dele Alli Hand Trick Challenge, MY GIRLFRIEND REVEAL... Meet my Girlfriend, I Correctly Predicted the 2018 World Cup Winner, My Love Island Audition Video and TELLING MY CRUSH I LIKE THEM... (SHE FACETIMED ME) - This is what she said...Live Reaction.

Passionate about everything he does, Luke's videos reflect his genuine positivity and dedication to his craft. It is an infectious attitude which reflects on everyone he collaborates with. Perfect for sponsored videos, brand collaborations and more, Simply Luke's intimate relationship with his audience is a must for influencer marketing campaigns.

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Influencer Partnerships
Daniel Wellington

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