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About Yung Filly...

Andres Felipé Barrientos, better known online as Yung Filly, is a YouTuber, Musician and TV Personality from London. Born in Colombia, Filly moved to the UK at a young age and has since built up an incredible social media following. Known for his hilarious sense of humour and infectiously energetic personality, Filly has cemented himself as one the most loved influencers and content creators in the UK.

Filly first became popular after consistently uploading on his very successful YouTube channel. Raking in tens of millions of total views since he began his channel back in 2013, his content usually consists of short comedic skits and Q&A style videos. 

After four successful years in the YouTube world, and always having a passion for music, Filly took to the industry to try something new and showcase his skills. Using his platform to promote his songs, Filly has since released nine singles with his best reaching number three in the UK Independent Singles Chart, titled ‘Hold’, featuring his best friend Chunkz.

Chunkz and Filly have a close relationship, and this is definitely picked up on the camera. Often making videos together for each other’s YouTube channels, the pair’s chemistry is unmatched, and their followers love the two together. The iconic duo has also produced multiple songs together, titled ‘Clean Up’, ‘Hold’ and ‘Confidence’. Their friendship was best acknowledged when the pair got nominated and won a MOBO award for the Best Media Personality. 

Alongside music and YouTube, Filly has also hosted and taken part in a number of television shows. In 2018, Filly hosted his first show, BBC Three’s Hot Property. 2019 saw Filly link back up with BBC Three to host their show Don’t Scream. Filly has also taken part in the reality baking show The Great Celebrity Bake Off as well as BBC’s comedic panel show, Would I Lie To You?

One of Filly’s biggest claims to fame is when he made an appearance for England playing in the annual 2020 charity match SoccerAid, for UNICEF UK, where he ended up scoring a goal in front of 70,000 live spectators at Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford. 

Having already worked with a number of well-known global brands and currently being one of the most prolific influencers in the UK, Filly is a great person to work with for your latest and upcoming marketing campaign. In addition to his popularity as an influencer, Yung Filly is hired for celebrity personal appearances, a hit with younger generations due to his broad social media following.

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