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Chloe, better known by her social media handles as Unwritten Chloe, is a fashion, lifestyle, travel, and food & drink blogger and influencer. Now based in Manchester, Chloe has amassed an incredibly ever-growing following across her many social media pages and blog.

Most known for her popular blog Unwritten Wardrobe, Chloe uploads constantly, capturing daily outfits as well as discussing all things food, dating and travel. Originally called Unwritten Hollywood, Chloe started the blog way back in 2012 after leaving college, using it simply for a hobby. Fast forward to today and Chloe has created a positive safe space for women alike to seek comfort and support.

Chloe has a full-time job working as a Visual Merchandiser at fashion giants H&M. During her time in the fashion industry, Chloe has continued to grow her online presence and in turn was granted the honour to become one the first UK and Irish Style Ambassadors for the company.

Chloe often takes to her blog to talk about the struggles of finding good-fitting, comfortable and stylish clothing in larger sizes. Using her blog, Chloe provides her audience with clothing tips and shares where she finds fashionable and comfortable items of clothing, ensuring they are the perfect size!

With a growing online community, there is no doubt that Chloe will continue to build her social media pages even more, offering tips and styles along the way. We are excited for what is to come for Chloe going forward!

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