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About Tom Zanetti...

Tom Zanetti is a British DJ, music producer and singer. His biggest hit “You Want Me” was certified platinum and made it onto the UK charts. Since beginning his career in the music industry, Tom has continued to live life in the limelight. 

Tom’s music career started at the early age of 17 where he began performing in clubs. Soon after, he began promoting his own events under the brand ‘Insomnia’. Continuing to pursue his passions within music and entertainment, Tom has released a number of successful tracks. 

The DJ is a keen entrepreneur and following on from the success of Insomnia, he set up a company called ‘Sleepin is Cheatin’ which hosts and promotes a range of events across the UK. Proving to be a man of many talents, Tom has also created his very own restaurant, clothing line, record label and a barbershop.

A regular user of Instagram, Tom uses the photo-sharing platform to keep fans up to date with both his personal and professional ventures. Tom shares snippets of the behind the scenes of his work as well as giving fans a glimpse into his life as a parent.

Also a keen traveller, Tom uses Instagram to share snaps from his travels and holidays around the world. 

Most recently, Tom starred on E4’S Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, to which he left with fellow co-star, Sophie Hermann

Aside from his popularity as an influencer, Tom Zanetti is a popular house vocalist - booked for a variety of events to perform with DJs across the globe.

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