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Toby Addison is a UK based content creator who has amassed a large following of loyal and highly engaging followers who he educates and takes on his journey, living as a blind man.

Known for his infectious optimism and authenticity, Toby posts consistently alongside his girlfriend Natalie, and finds the perfect balance between serious and playful for his content. From sharing facts and experience about living with blindness to hilarious skits including university life slip ups and public transport pickpockets, Toby’s range of content is second to none.

Getting into TikTok through answering questions viewers had about being blind, Toby suddenly became popular, with his TikTok page seeing unbelievably rapid growth.

As an inspiration to all, it is no surprise that Toby has amassed such a large, loyal and highly engaging following, who are all excited to carry on following Toby’s story and his future experiences.

Having already collaborated with world-renowned brands, there is no doubt that Toby will continue to grow, spreading positive awareness of the blind community, inspiring others who may be struggling with being blind.

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