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At just nine years old, Tekkerz Kid is a YouTube giant. With a natural creativity and exuberant personality, Lorenzo Greer is a Brummie lad with enormous aspirations. Playing for the youth team of Birmingham City FC, he has acquired a reputation as one of the nation's favourite kid influencers.

With hundreds of prank videos, challenge videos and football videos making up the bulk of the material he posts, Lorenzo racks up millions of views online.

Highly skilled on the football field, Lorenzo is referred to by those around him as 'the future Neymar'. He has swiped a ton of awards throughout his time online and his subscriber count is fast approaching one million.

A football fanatic, Lorenzo has grown up playing sport with his family at home and naturally fell into futsal at a young age, allowing him a chance to show off his impressive talent. Soon Coventry City came calling before he moved to Birmingham City's academy via Aston Villa and Wolves. Now he plays an important role in the U9 youth team and is hopeful of turning professional in the future.

2015 was the beginning of Lorenzo's YouTube success. His father created a YouTube channel to showcase his son's training sessions. It began to acquire a growing following, prompting the likes of Nike and Adidas to step up and sponsor the young football influencer.

Posting all manner of videos including skill and shooting tutorials, challenge videos, unboxing videos and vlogs, Lorenzo has a unique style and cheeky attitude. His bold style and endearing banter has made his channel a haven for football fans and kids around his age.

With a host of videos sponsored by the likes of Nike, Cartoon Network, the Talking Tom Jetski 2 game and Angry Birds, alongside Everton FC, the passionate youngster exhibits his fun personality to the world in a series of fun-packed videos. Excelling as a YouTube influencer, Lorenzo has even worked with Jack Wilshere on a product launch for the new Nerf laser gun.

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