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About Sir David Attenborough...

World-renown for his long-standing career as a broadcaster, historian, naturalist, and a national treasure, now, Sir David Attenborough has joined Instagram.

Although having spent many years working at the BBC, Sir David Attenborough is mostly recognised for his environmental work.

Spending the best part of his career filming and presenting documentaries, he is passionate about the devastating issues going on in the world we live in and is continuing to try and save it. Some of his most popular work consists of The Blue Planet, Planet Earth and his newest release, A Life on Our Planet.

Showing the many beautiful, yet endangered wonders of the world, Sir David joined Instagram in September 2020 to reach a newer, larger audience in a bid to try and raise as much awareness of climate related issues as possible. With nature, animals, and people at the very heart of what he does, Sir David Attenborough is truly one of a kind.

Influencing both influencers and consumers alike to change their shopping habits and how they treat the world, Sir David Attenborough has firmly made his mark on the influencer industry.

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