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About Sevda...

From the town of Stevenage in England, Sevda has made her mark on the UK TikTok scene. After launching her account during the first Covid-19 lockdown, Sevda started to gain a lot of followers quickly. To date, Sevda has over 974k followers and a number in excess of 93 million total likes.

The type of content she uploads ranges from preparing and making food, wholesome videos with her husband and their daughter, and her most prominent series “What I eat in a day”. These short videos allow Sevda to showcase her food for the day, showing her audience the wide range of meals she has daily. 

The part-time pharmacist posts videos of herself cooking all different types of meals for her family at dinnertime. She uses these videos to show off her fashionable outfits as she always dresses up when it’s time to cook. Sevda has also recently released her own personalised merchandise including “Sevda” branded mugs.

With her ever-growing following, Sevda is on track to carry-on building and being successful, influencing her many followers as well as the TikTok community. 

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