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The cool, calm and collected contestant from The Great British Bake Off, Selasi, is a multitalented culinary pro. Baking from a young age, Selasi has memories in the kitchen with his grandma, mum and dad. His passion for cooking grew, and he earned a spot on GBBO in 2016.

Charming viewers with his laid-back attitude, Selasi was very good at keeping composed in the high-pressures of the Bake Off tent, making it right through until the semi-final. However, Selasi’s baking career didn’t stop there.

Selasi is originally from Ghana but has lived in the UK for years. He has also graduated from university with a degree in Economics and Finance and has worked as a client service associate in a financial institution. Although it seems completely contrasting, he switches from banker to baker with ease.

His Instagram feed is filled with baking videos, showing his ability as a content creator. Selasi’s sweet tooth and passion for creating tasty treats makes him a pleasure to watch, providing recipes with an individualistic approach – his natural charisma oozes out of his videos as much as the allure of the cakes!

Selasi has progressed further in his baking career with opening a pop-up shop on Deliveroo selling floral cupcakes, as well as teaching baking classes to promote the DVD release of Despicable Me 3!

His baking skills and charming personality are the perfect combination for becoming a successful food & drink influencer, and he could be the solution to help promote your brand.

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