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About Patrick Minor...

Patrick Minor is an American content creator who has grown a sensational following due to his wide range of uploads. With his biggest following coming on TikTok, Patrick has gained millions of followers with hundreds of millions of total likes.

Widley recognised for his reaction videos, comedic skits and lip-syncing videos, Patrick consistently uploads across all his social media pages. Entertaining fans, Patrick also often creatively and entertainingly pranks his friends.

First uploading onto TikTok’s old counterpart back in 2014, Patrick became popular quickly through his comedic skits and lip-syncing videos. He then used this attention to his advantage, shifting it over to his self-titled YouTube page, in which he amassed an incredible subscriber-based following.

Over the years, Patrick continued to grow even more and naturally expanded onto Instagram, in which he has continued to grow a massive and highly engaging following. Dabbling into other areas of work, Patrick often does some modelling shoots and uses his Instagram to show his followers results from recent shoots.

Having millions of combined followers and having already collaborated successfully with popular brands, Patrick is one of the most prolific American content creators, making him the perfect influencer to promote your product or service in your latest marketing campaign.

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