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About Ollie Ball...

Ollie Ball is a viral TikTok sensation from Bolton. Best known for posting videos with his best friend Jacob Pasquill, Ollie has amassed an incredible following across a number of social media channels. Taking the world of TikTok by storm at the age of just 16, the pair made videos reviewing food and drinks from their school canteen.

After a few months of consistently uploading, the videos started to gain attention and Ollie quickly became the talk of the nation, with the hilarious food reviews being shared everywhere. With people recreating them, it soon became a trend and the pair started to attract attention from world-renowned brands - who they have since collaborated with!

A dream of Ollie’s is to go into television and become the next Ant and Dec partnership alongside Jacob, presenting and hosting their own shows around the world. We are excited to see what is to come of the iconic duo as their ability to entertain a whole nation at such a young age is what makes them two of the most loved individuals in the country right now.

Since his public-eye exposure, Ollie has proved that he is a great and professional influencer to work with, having collaborated with brands already in influencer marketing campaigns successfully.

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