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Olivia Oakman is a content creator whose work primarily focuses on parenting and fashion. The mum of two is obsessed with shopping and having since shared these aspects of her life, has garnered an impressive following of highly engaging and loyal followers.

Having a diverse range of content, Olivia has a long running series of ‘Get Ready With Me’ style videos. This involves Olivia putting together an outfit, showing the viewers individual items of clothing and where she has brought them from. Whether she’s chilling with the kids at home or going out on a shopping spree, Olivia always looks good as she shares her outfit inspirations with her followers.

As mentioned before, Olivia is obsessed with shopping and is no stranger to a good haul. Her Instagram is full with the results of a successful shopping spree at high-street names such as New Look and H&M.

Using the Instagram Highlights feature, Olivia posts all her favourite clothing items which have featured in her posts and provides a link to them, so her followers can purchase the items for themselves.

Having already collaborated with global and well-known brands, Olivia is a great influencer with an ever-growing following to help boost your latest marketing campaign.

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