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About Olga Bednarska...

Olga Bednarska is a personal assistant, social media personality and reality TV star from Surrey, England. Best known for her appearance on the third series of Netflix’s hottest reality dating show, Too Hot To Handle, Olga entered the luxurious Turks and Caicos villa as a bombshell contestant alongside fellow contestant Obi Nnadi.

Originally from Poland, Olga has described herself as a “Polish Party Girl” who brought her “Eastern European flavour” to the diverse cast of season three. Quickly becoming a viewer-favourite, Olga amassed a large social media following which now boasts hundreds of thousands of active engagers spanning across her Instagram and TikTok page.

Being an avid Instagram user, Olga often shares photos of her abroad, posing in her favourite outfits in locations such as Paris, Berlin and the Balearic Island of Ibiza, as well as small glimpses into her somewhat glamorous day-to-day life.

Relatively new to the social media world, we are excited to see Olga’s presence grow as she continues to collaborate with well-established brands around the world.

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