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Kimberley, better known online as MummyKim, is a parenting, lifestyle, health & fitness and fashion influencer. Posting the highs and lows of parenthood, Kim provides her followers with tips and tricks of a real and honest experience of raising her three young children. Kim also likes to share her fashion ideas as well as her health and fitness journey with her ever-growing and loyal following.

Inspired to start her Instagram through her love for photography, Kim has always found pleasure in taking photos since she was young. Instagram lent itself nicely to Kim as it allowed her to express herself, and her three young kids are her favourite models!

Being an avid Instagram user, Kim consistently uploads a whole range of content. Often posting her favourite outfits and brands, Kim has a whole highlight reel dedicated to her fashion tips and links to the websites where her followers can buy her looks.

Kim also likes to promote local businesses, as she often takes to her Instagram to post when she has visited a local café, independent restaurant or trips out to adventure parks with her family.

Expanding her content further, Kim also likes to motivate her followers as she documents her health and fitness journey through posts, stories and reels. Workout videos, healthy meal ideas and progression pictures can all be found across Kim’s Instagram.

With an ever-growing following and a consistent upload schedule, we are excited to see how far Kim will go in the world of social media!

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