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About Mimi Almighty...

Mimi Almighty is a British content creator who has amassed an incredibly large and loyal following on both Instagram and TikTok. Having a passion for niche fashion, Mimi is a versatile influencer who shares her favourite outfits and looks as well as makeup and hairstyles.

An avid user of Instagram, Mimi uploads style inspiration videos showcasing her favourite and most appropriate looks for trips out, including going for a spot of shopping, eating out at a luxurious restaurant and enjoying herself dancing at a rave.

With multiple TikTok series, Mimi posts videos such as hairstyle and dyeing tutorials and tips, clothing try on hauls, OOTD videos as well as shopping hauls.

As a massive fan of body art, Mimi has many tattoos and focuses a lot of her content around this. Posting “Come With Me To Get A Tattoo” style videos and “Tattoo Tours”, Mimi uploads a wide range of content, appealing to many different audiences.

Having already collaborated with many large brands, Mimi would be a great influencer to help boost your latest marketing campaign!

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