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About Millie McCarthy...

Millie McCarthy is a beauty content creator who has amassed an incredibly large and loyal following across Instagram and TikTok. Known for her infectious and bubbly personality, Millie keeps her content fresh and entertaining whilst remaining on somewhat of a personal level with her followers making them feel that they are having a one-on-one conversation.

“Get Ready With Me” videos appear regularly on Millie’s socials and no matter the occasion, her makeup looks spot on. Whether she’s attending an event or just getting ready for the day, Millie shares which products she is using and how she is applying them, offering tips and tricks to the viewer.

Millie also believes that skincare is very important, and videos of her specific routines can be found on both her Instagram and TikTok. Showcasing the products that she is using and how it can benefit your skin, it is no surprise that Millie is highly followed and sought after influencer.

After having collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the industry, Millie has already proved that she is a professional influencer and brings honest product reviews to her highly engaging following.

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