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About Meg Says...

Meg Says is a charismatic creative writer, vlogger and blogger from the East of England, sharing her journey as a student with a chronic illness. During her first year of studying, Meg was diagnosed with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

Often feeling intense fatigue and exhaustion, Meg was placed on medical leave and dramatically went from student life to constant bedroom life. This sparked an idea and Meg channelled positivity, starting to create an online persona, with the reignition of her blog, ‘Meg Says’.

Opening the blog way back in 2013, Meg later deleted it due to her feeling too busy ‘growing up’. However, since falling ill, Meg has relaunched the blog, fulfilling her original passion.

Since then, Meg has started a successful YouTube channel, has gained experience in the world of PR and social media, and has furthered her passion for blogging and vlogging.

An inspiration to many, Meg has built an incredibly large, loyal and highly engaging community of avid followers who admire her work.

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