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About Meet The Greers...

A family of online influencers and daily vloggers, Meet The Greers are one of the most famous families on the internet.

Parents Nathan and Tara, along with their four children, are a YouTube sensation. One of their children in particular has made quite the impact online - 10 year old Lorenzo, or as he is more famously known, Tekkerz Kid - has racked up millions of views on his very own YouTube channel, where he shares prank videos and a series of fun challenges.

His siblings are also well-known to online users, with them each having thousands of followers on Instagram. As well as their individual profiles, the family has a shared account on both YouTube and Instagram.

Taking to their YouTube channel, the Greer family share a variety of content. From entertaining challenge videos, daily vlogs, baby’s first haircuts and sharing their evening routine - they do it all and everything in between.

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