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About Max & Harvey...

Max and Harvey, an English singing duo, have carved a niche for themselves in the landscape of social media influencers and musicians with an impressive trajectory that highlights their multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication to their craft. The identical twins, Harvey Kitt Mills and Max Luca Mills, embarked on their entertainment journey at a tender age, showcasing their acting skills in the ITV romantic drama William and Mary and venturing into musical theatre with notable roles in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and The Sound of Music. Their early exposure to the performing arts laid a solid foundation for their subsequent musical endeavours.

The duo's foray into the world of social media began with their engaging content on (now TikTok), where they captivated audiences with their lip-syncing prowess and later, their original music, marking the beginning of their ascent in the digital realm. Their debut single 'One More Day in Love' and covers like 'Let Me Love You' showcased their musical versatility and served as a springboard for their burgeoning career.

Max and Harvey's talents garnered wider recognition when they secured second place on The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019, a testament to their vocal ability and charismatic stage presence. This achievement was a pivotal moment, further elevating their profile in the music industry.

Beyond their musical achievements, Max and Harvey have demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with their audience through various mediums. Their CBBC documentary, My Life: Max & Harvey, and subsequent TV show Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), alongside their engaging presence on social media platforms, have endeared them to a broad audience, showcasing their lives behind the music and amplifying their influence as social media personalities.

Their commitment to philanthropy, as evidenced by their role as Charity Patrons for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity and their fundraising efforts, reflects the duo's dedication to making a positive impact beyond their artistic pursuits. Their podcast, School Daze with Max & Harvey, and its rebrand, The Max and Harvey Podcast, further illustrate their versatility and desire to engage with topics that resonate with their audience.

Max and Harvey's journey is marked by a series of notable milestones, from their early acting roles to their success on The X Factor: Celebrity, their musical releases, and their impactful work as influencers and philanthropists. Their evolution from child actors to celebrated musicians and social media stars underscores their adaptability, talent, and the profound influence they wield in the digital age. As they continue to inspire with their music and actions, Max and Harvey remain pivotal figures in the intertwining worlds of entertainment and social media.

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