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About Matthew and Ryan...

Matthew and Ryan are well known content creators who are known for spreading love and laughter across multiple social media platforms. Amassing an incredible following, the Southampton based couple aim to spread positive awareness of the LGBTQ+ community as well as normalise same sex couples.

Since 2016, Matthew and Ryan have been creating content which portrays themselves authentically online, posting family-friendly comedic skits and pranks as well as offering help and advice on coming out and sexual orientation.

The pair also enjoying sharing their love, life and adventures with the world, making people laugh and providing escapism for whatever they may be going through, whilst relaying the important message of normalising same sex couples and the LGBQ+ community.

An inspiration to everyone in the community, Matthew and Ryan are guaranteed to give an honest product review and great advertisement to a very large, loyal and highly engaging following across three massive platforms.

Having already collaborated with massive brands in a range of industries, the pair have already demonstrated that they can significantly boost and help your next marketing campaign.

With goals of going into the world of television presenting and musical theatre work, we are excited to see what is to come next for the social media favourites Matthew and Ryan.

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