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About Lucy Mountain...

Lucy Mountain is a health & fitness influencer who strives to help beginners at the gym!

When Lucy was younger, she claims that fitness was not her forte, not enjoying sports or PE at school. Since getting more active and stepping out of her comfort zone by trying home workouts and going to the gym, Lucy has started to help others who feel just as out of their depth as she did.

On Instagram and TikTok, Lucy shares fitness inspiration and motivation through her own fitness journey, and she takes an educational approach to discussing diet culture.

She posts about health trends and myths, highlighting what’s wrong with them and the importance of a balanced, realistic and achievable diet instead. She also promotes body positivity through emphasising the importance of embracing our natural selves and normal parts of our body, like cellulite.

Lucy has also created her own fitness app, the Nobs App, which is ‘a no bs approach to fitness for newbies’. It has programmes and workout plans to follow, as well as a being a beginner’s guide to going to the gym.

Through her well created content and empowering captions, Lucy strives to help others with their confidence, encouraging a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t break the bank or expect you to try unachievable diets.

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