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About Lord Troy...

Troy Solomon, otherwise known as Lord Troy (formerly A Bear Named Troy), is an Instagram star and plus size model who uses his social status to promote body positivity and self-love. 

In 2012, Troy came out as gay, which sparked the beginning of his influencer journey. He wasn’t afraid to share this with the world, and after posting his daily outfits, he quickly became a key influencer in the LGBT community. 

Troy wanted to use his Instagram account as a hub for creative expression and to connect with his fans. He also started a weekly Wine Wednesday live show to close the gap between him and his fans and to connect on a more personal level. 

As well as modelling, Troy stepped into the world of music and released multiple hit singles. 

Troy, as well as his music, is known all around the world for his eclectic style and vibrant personality. This combination resulted in him featuring in articles by Teen Vogue, Paper Magazine, Revelist and Refinery29 to name but a few. 

Regularly posting on Instagram, Troy shares his love for all things fashion, as well as promoting body confidence and reminding his followers to love the skin they’re in. 

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