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About Lauren Sarah...

Lauren Sarah is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who likes to keep her highly engaged following up to date with her new outfits and fashion ideas. With an incredibly large and loyal following across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Lauren is a force to be reckoned with.

On her TikTok, Lauren has a long running series called ‘Getting Dressed’, where she takes her followers through the process of her getting ready for events and trips out. Throughout the series she explains where she’s going and the vibe of the event, contemplating a range of outfits to wear, trying on multiple before making her final decision.

Lauren also has a second series called ‘Quick Fits’ where she has pre-planned outfit and films herself assembling it together, always looking fashionable and ready to go out.

Recently, Lauren has started to venture into the YouTube world, uploading vlogs, challenges, and Q&As. With an ever-growing subscriber count, her creative video ideas bring a different level of quality and entertainment to her content making it engrossing to new and potential followers.

Since her content creator career started, Lauren has grown an incredible following full of fashion fans alike. Already having worked with many brands previously, Lauren has experience and would be a great influencer to promote your brand to a highly engaging community.

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