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About Lauren Saddington...

Lauren Saddington is the northern girl who is not only a TikTok sensation, but also a part time princess. Lauren has amassed an incredible following on both her TikTok and Instagram, accumulating millions of likes on her hilarious content.

Lauren’s Instagram consists mainly of photos of trips out, outfits of the day and travelling updates. Her very relatable content allows her to spread positivity about social media and how not to live up to the stereotypes of making your social media pages look like you have a perfect life and image – she is a true inspiration for all! 

Often attending movie premieres, Lauren likes to express her love for film and cinema across her social media pages. Lauren is also no stranger to finding and trying new food and posting a short video review on her TikTok which generates very impressive engagement levels. 

As a result of all her hard work, Lauren has recently brought a house which she takes her followers on a journey by renovating it, constantly posting updates on changes. This whole experience has allowed Lauren to find an interest in interior design, which in turn has exposed her content to a whole new audience, allowing her to continue to grow.

Lauren uses her entertaining skills to run a business called More Than Just a Princess. This venture sees Lauren dress up as different princesses such as Cinderella and turn up to children’s parties as well as family events. 

There is no doubt that Lauren is a very inspiring and influential figure in the UK TikTok community covering a whole range of different content. 

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