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About KT Franklin...

KT Franklin is a TikTok sensation who rose to fame during the Covid-19 lockdown after uploading content as a result of her being bored and out of work. Her relatable POVs and skits led KT to become popular quickly, and she has since amassed an incredibly large following across a number of social media sites.

Growing up in the small town of Oxford, KT worked as a waitress in the popular restaurant chain Nando’s, which ended up being the topic of her first few TikToks. Relaying difficult experiences that KT had during her time in the industry, she put a comedic twist on the incident which went viral and ended up with her topping the Nando’s hashtag for some time.

After consistently posting, KT was able to leave her job at Nando’s to fully focus on her work as a social media influencer. This ended up being a great move for KT as she has since built up an amazing digital reach with millions of combined followers and hundreds of millions of combined likes.

Stepping into the world of reality TV, KT took part in Amazon Prime’s Lovestruck High, where she was taken to America to live in a high school environment in a bid to find love.

Having built up a massive following and having collaborated with global brands over her social media pages, we are excited to see what is to come for KT in her career as she takes on the influencer industry.

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