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Jordan Green, better known online as JaysTips, is a 27-year-old award-winning finance influencer. The East London entrepreneur previously worked as an engineer before becoming a business owner and content creator on both Instagram and TikTok. With over 85k followers on Instagram and over 64k followers on TikTok and 736k total likes, Jordan posts financial tips to help his large following. 

From how to get cheaper train tickets to how to save and invest money properly, JaysTips cover near enough everything about the financial world. As a result of his success, recently, Jordan was awarded the BBA Online Financial Influencer of The Year award for his useful and beneficial tips. 

Jordan has used his entrepreneurial skills to start two successful businesses. The first being his sneaker company, Sold Soles. Dedicated to bringing the latest exclusive sneakers on the market, Sold Soles sources all the most popular branded trainers including Nike, Adidas and Yeezy. Jordan is also the co-founder of the UK’s first “sturdy” dance competition, which sees contestants compete by showcasing there dancing skills. 

There is no doubt that Jordan will have continued success, with his two businesses growing daily as well as his following across his social media accounts, his large and loyal following will support him along the way. 

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