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About Jacob Sartorius...

Jacob Sartorius is best-known for his hilarious lip-syncing videos on platforms such as TikTok and Musical.ly. His very first video on Vine - which was posted in 2011 - instantly went viral, paving the way for his later success. Since then, he has carved out a successful career as a pop star and music influencer.

Originally from Oklahoma and raised in Virginia, Jacob was just 11 years old when his video content propelled him to international stardom. His first video covered the topic of bullying, a subject that he had sadly been all too familiar with. The success of the video spurred him on to create a string of further vlogs, strengthening his popularity on Vine. He soon moved on to make an appearance on Musical.ly, which turned him into an overnight success. His lip-syncing videos proved to be his most popular creations yet, helping him to build up a reputation as one of the best-known social media influencers. Before long, he had built a dedicated following of more than 14 million followers.

He soon also found success in other areas, signing a recording contract with T3 Music Group several years later. His debut single, Sweatshirt, saw the light of day in 2016, making its way into the Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian Hot 100.

His musical success helped him draw comparisons with one of the biggest young stars of his generation - Justin Bieber. He expanded on his musical repertoire with several further singles, including All My Friends and Hit or Miss, the latter of which also made it into the American charts.

Jacob embarked on his The Last Text World Tour in 2017, catching the attention of major labels. He signed with RCA Records and made his debut with the label with his song Left Me Hangin'. Most recently, Jacob released his Extended Play Better With You, building further upon his musical accomplishments.

As a popular name in the worlds of social media and pop music, Jacob is the personality of choice for influencer marketing campaigns. Offering access to his vast online audience, Jacob's star status is sure to boost brand campaigns of all shapes and sizes.

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