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About Jack Joseph...

Jack Joseph is a British TikTok sensation from Brighton, England. Best known for his hilarious point-of-view styled videos, Jack often has his followers howling with laughter. Since posting his first TikTok, Jack has amassed an incredible following spanning across multiple social media pages and has millions of loyal and engaging followers.

Playing characters such as the American School Bully and the Undercover Police Officer, Jack creates hilarious and relatable sketches of all different daily interactions that someone might come across. Putting his own comedic twist on it, Jack appears all over TikTok users’ For You Pages as well as being consistently active on Instagram. 

Jack also has his own podcast which he co-hosts alongside fellow TikTok star Cole Anderson-James. The pair get together weekly and talk about absolutely anything and everything, inviting special guests from the social media world to join them. 

With views of expanding his online presence onto YouTube, currently with an ever-growing account and already having worked with some well-known global brands, Jack is a great influencer to work with and can help you in your next marketing campaign to promote your new product, service or brand. 

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