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About IsseyPOVs (Issey Moloney)...

Issey Moloney, known as IsseyPOVs is a young TikTok sensation. At the age of just 17, Issey has amassed an incredible following, reaching 5.9 million followers on TikTok as well as 594 million total likes. Adding on to this over on Instagram, Issey has 235k followers with a further 151k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Issey has been labelled the “CEO of POV” by the TikTok community because of her emotional, entertaining and honest point of view styled clips. Her videos involve opinions of her ex-boyfriend and her friends and family, with her audience loving the fact that her emotions in the videos perfectly align and match to the scenarios and situations that are mentioned.

Growing up in England, Issey took to the sport of cheerleading which is one of her great passions. As a result of this, she showcases her talent through her TikTok where she often takes parts in trends, posting dancing and lip-syncing videos.

Issey’s Instagram is used to involve followers in what she does daily, posting holiday pics with fancy meals she eats, as well as meeting up with her friends and having a good time. She also likes to showcase her new and favourite outfits to her many followers.

There is no doubt, that Issey is one of the most prolific social media influencers in the country, and therefore would make a great fit for promoting a whole range of brands and products. With her amazing following she will be sure to carry on her successful in the future.

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