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Isabella Evans


About Isabella Evans...

Isabella Evans, known online as Isabella Signs, is a social media sensation who’s created awareness for learning sign language and the benefits of it.

Isabella learnt Makaton sign language so that she could communicate with her brothers, Lucus and Alexander, who suffer with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. After setting up her account, Isabella Signs, at the age of 11, the growth she has experienced has been incredible.

With her social media aiming to educate people about how to say certain things using sign language, Isabella has encouraged celebrities to join in and share their own content about how to use sign language. She has even had the chance to interview stars like Keke Palmer since her influencing career has skyrocketed.

Isabella’s Instagram page also shows her gorgeous red carpet looks with the various appearances she has made at movie premiers, illustrating the success she has gleaned from social media.

Expanding her expertise further, Isabella has also made television appearances, with a particularly exciting appearance on The One Show where she got to meet Louis Tomlinson and introduce his set in sign language!

For such a young influencer, Isabella has already generated high levels of success on her social media accounts, and will no doubt continue to thrive as an educational person within the industry.

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