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About Holly Laing...

Holly is a well known actress and content creator from Northampton. Having built a large following through comedic and sketch-style videos on TikTok, Holly has an expanded online presence on Instagram and YouTube. Garnering tens of millions of likes, Holly has built a highly engaging following.

With content ranging from hilarious point-of-view style videos and retail skits to story time features, Holly is a versatile influencer. Holly’s most viral videos involve her relaying stories of her time working in high street stores, acting out unusual experiences that occurred during her time working in the likes of Poundland, Dominoes and Sports Direct.

Over on Instagram, Holly posts selfies and pictures of her favourite outfits, out and about with her friends. Holly also enjoys keeping her followers up to date with events she attends, always looking glamorous on the red carpet.

Holly’s YouTube is used to connect to her followers on a more personal level. Uploading mukbangs and Q&As as well as blogs and challenge videos, Holly’s YouTube content allows her to express her infectious bubbly personality.

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