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About Harry Jowsey...

Harry Jowsey is an Australian model, content creator and reality TV star based in the fame-filled LA. Best known for his appearance on the first season of Netflix’s favourite reality dating show Too Hot To Handle, Harry has since amassed an incredible following across a number of social media channels.

No stranger to reality television, Harry had previously appeared on New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island back in 2019, a series similar to that of Love Island which saw individuals take part on the picturesque island of Fiji. Harry went on to win the show before securing his spot on Too Hot To Handle.

Since leaving the luxurious villa in Mexico, Harry has more recently appeared on MTV’s show Match Me if You Can in 2021, and participated in the second season of the game show, Floor Is Lava alongside fellow Too Hot To Handle contestant Chase de Moor.

The self-described ‘joker’ has also launched his own podcast named ‘Tap in With Harry Jowsey’ in which he invites guests on to offer his dating advice and tips.

Focused on increasing his ever-growing and sensational following, Harry would be a great influencer to help promote your brand in your latest marketing campaign!

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