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About Hannah Lowther...

Hannah Lowther is the TikTok sensation turned West End actress from the town of Reading. Going from her retail job to performing on the biggest stage of UK musical theatre, Hannah’s career progression is incredible – and is no surprise with her infectiously charismatic charm and talent.

It all started during the Covid-19 lockdown, when Hannah would find herself bored at work and turned to TikTok, taking her retail job of stacking shelves and adding a musical style twist to it. The videos were attracting a lot of attention, and she started gaining followers rapidly. With posting dancing and lip-syncing videos in the aisles of Tesco, musical theatre fans fell in love with her. 

Starring in Heathers The Musical and, more recently, the Millennials Musical, Hannah is making a splash in the world of musical theatre already. Not only this but she was awarded the rising star award, best West End ensemble performer, and the best understudy at the West End Wilma awards ceremony 2022. 

There is no doubt that Hannah is an incredibly inspiring and influential woman in the industry of musical theatre, and she would be a great match for promoting your music and entertainment brand campaign. 

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