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Gemma Alster is a popular TikTok star known best for her honest approach and tips that she has learnt from being a first time mum. Sharing her multiple platforms with her daughter Gigi, Gemma posts hilarious day trip and holiday mini-vlogs showing Gigi’s reactions to new things she has come across.

Being a lockdown baby, Gigi has had to wait to explore the outside world, and now that she is a bit older, she has more of a reaction to new experiences. Gemma’s large following love watching the pair go on adventures together.

When she was just two weeks old, Gigi was diagnosed with an abnormally large benign muscle mass in her neck. This caused her to have a condition known as Torticollis, which meant that the muscles in her neck caused her head to tilt to one side. As a result of this, at six months old, Gigi had to start wearing a helmet to help with the symmetry of her face. Gemma documented young Gigi’s helmet journey and used her large following to raise awareness of the potential issues, making other mums in a similar situation feel comfortable and reassured that they are doing a good job.

Over on TikTok, Gemma runs a comedic series called ‘Stay at home baby’. The series often has viewers in stitches as Gemma voices over a day in the life of Gigi, by expressing her thoughts in a sarcastic but funny way, as little Gigi lives her luxurious and stress free baby life.

The long-running joke started when Gemma first started posting clips of her and Gigi, with followers quickly realising that the little baby definitely likes the finer things in life. From fluffy pancakes for breakfast to looking at herself in the mirror with a brand new outfit on, Gigi really likes to think she lives a life of luxury. Her innocent personality is adored by thousands.

With a large and loyal following, Gemma and Gigi are a force to be reckoned with, making them a great duo to promote your brand to the right audience.

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