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Being one of the biggest emerging electronic artists of modern music, this duo are making their way into the mainstream electro-pop genre with their bouncy beats and electrifying melodies. Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman came together to form the duo Eli & Fur, using a creative play on words of their abbreviated names to form a unique title that resonates with their interesting sounds. Bringing both techno and pop into their work, they deliver sounds that are ‘distinctly electronic, mixing house and dance beats’.

It is safe to say that the girls are on the right track to international fame as their debut track already established a strong popularity amongst the internet. Besides reaching the top three on Hype Machine, a music blog aggregator, their track titled You’re So High, has also had great success online, with the YouTube video securing millions of views. Continuing their success, the pair released their debut EP titled Illusions with NYX Records in July 2013, with their music being available on popular streaming platform across the internet such as YouTube and Spotify. A distinguishing feature of their music is the focus on originality and innovation when implementing popular dance and techno rhythms into their own compositions. They diverge from the typical algorithms of most popular DJs and techno groups by refraining from mixing other tracks, instead focusing on layering their own work into fully self-composed mixes with symphonic vocals.

Standing out from the crowd, Eli & Fur bring a unique taste to the world of techno and dance. Whilst relying mainly on heavy dance beats and dark techno, some of their music delivers a more subtle energy that can be enjoyed both on the dancefloor as well as in a more relaxing environment.

Despite being relatively new to the scene, the duo have gained popularity from the internet, the music industry, but also from brands who want to collaborate with the artists. They have worked with brands such as Kayak by featuring in a travel advertisement, creating music with sounds sourced during a trip to Japan. Their influence is growing across the globe as they tour across continents, performing shows in Europe, East Asia, America and the Middle East.

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