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About Cole Anderson-James...

Cole Anderson-James is a TikTok sensation who has amassed an incredible following of millions across his social media pages. From Colchester, the ex-salesman has also appeared on Ricky Gervais’ Netflix show, Afterlife.

First uploading to TikTok during the Covid-19 pandemic as a result of losing his job and feeling bored, Cole started to post lip syncing clips and funny sketches, often recreating iconic scenes from soap operas and putting his own comedic twist on them. With the videos gaining popularity and raking in a lot of views, Cole decided to create his own sketches including relatable situations, which his followers found hilarious.

At this point, Cole was growing rapidly and was appearing on everyone’s TikTok for you pages and was all over Instagram’s explore page. It came as no surprise that he was being noticed by top-end celebrities, and with a similar comedic approach to Ricky Gervais, Cole decided to reach out to the well-known comic and ask for an audition for his upcoming Netflix show, Afterlife. This led to Cole landing the role and marking his biggest acting performance to date.

Cole has also demonstrated that he can work with brands in a range of different marketing campaigns, and with a large, loyal, and highly engaged following, Cole is a great influencer to help promote your product, service, and brand.

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