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About Brogan Tate...

Brogan Tate is a blogger, vlogger and social media personality based in Bournemouth. Documenting the highs and lows of her life as well as her life adventures alongside her fiancée Benji and their rescue dog Bonnie, Brogan shares everything from her travels around the world to the purchase and renovation of her first home.

Starting off as a hobby, Brogan launched her YouTube channel and self-titled blog back in 2011, when she was just 17 years old. Alongside her full-time job working as a marketing manager and freelance social media manager, Brogan would create content for a bit of fun.

In 2018, Brogan decided to leave her professional career behind her and go full-time into content creation, investing all of her time in order to grow her online presence. Creating an array of content, common themes tend to include travel vlogs, packing videos, shopping hauls and ‘shop with me’ style videos.

Since then, Brogan has amassed an incredible following across a number of social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and has collaborated with well established brands.

As well as YouTube, Brogan consistently uploads content to her self-titled blog, where she shares exclusive content including reviews on things she stumbles across, news & updates, current favourites and special behind the scenes access to her YouTube video.

Throughout her journey of creating content, Brogan has won multiple awards for her brilliant blogs and videos. These include the Business Woman of the Future award in May 2012, a two time winner of the Cosmo Blog Awards in November 2015 and the winner of Influencer’s Choice Cosmo Awards in November 2016.

Being very passionate about delivering high quality content, Brogan is a force to be reckoned with. And backed with years of experience, Brogan would be a great influencer to work with in your upcoming marketing campaign!

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