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Alice T (Alxcext)

About Alice T (Alxcext)...

Alice T, better known online as Alxcext, is a well-known beauty content creator who boasts hundreds of thousands of combined followers across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Born and raised in London, Alice has Chinese and Indian descent which she is proud to represent, and it shows in her glamorous makeup looks.

A biomedical science student, Alice has been uploading content to her various social media pages for several years, and her content includes speedy glam tutorials, creative eyeshadow looks and tips and tricks for applying certain makeup products.

Known for her bubbly and bold personality, Alice’s following is ever-growing, and they love every aspect of her content. One of Alice’s main unique selling points is the level of detail she goes into during her makeup tutorials, especially when she shares where the product is from and the name of the shade that she is using.

Over on YouTube, Alice uploads more thought out and longer content including vlogs, as well as ‘Get Ready With Me’ style videos. Posting high quality and consistent content, it is no surprise that Alice has amassed a sensational following.

An inspiration for many in the Asian community and having an incredible social media presence, Alice would be a great influencer to help boosts your brand’s awareness in an upcoming marketing campaign!

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