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About Alex Aiono...

Alex Aiono is known to many as one of the biggest stars ever to have made his name on video-sharing platform YouTube. Originally from Arizona in the United States, Alex has expanded his work as a social media influencer into a rewarding career as a global pop star and music influencer.

Alex's journey to social media stardom began back in 2011, when he began creating his own unique brand of content on YouTube. Before long, he began to make a name for himself in the digital sphere, posting cover songs of some of the world's best-loved tracks. His musical talents soon saw him create his own original songs – a move which saw his online following soar to new heights.

Singles such as Alphabet Soup, Doesn't Get Better, Work the Middle, Does It Feel Like Falling and Question showcased the young star's musical promise. As a result, he built up a YouTube following that numbers in the millions over the course of the next several years. In addition, Alex also continued to create his own innovative takes on many well-known pop tracks, creating a range of mashups, flips and covers.

Some of Alex's best-known work includes his mashups of songs like I Spy, T-Shirt, Isn't She Lovely and Swang, which sees him effortlessly merge an array of different musical influences and sounds. His take on Drake's iconic song One Dance proved to be another major success, racking up a staggering 65 million views on YouTube alone. His success has since helped him secure a record deal with Interscope Records.

Aside from his musical work, Alex's legion of fans has also regularly tuned in to catch various other types of content. His varied mix of content includes Q&As, lifestyle vlogs, challenges, stunts, how to play videos and more. Furthermore, Alex also made a popular appearance in the well-known YouTube series Royal Crush.

Acting as an inspiration for millions of followers around the world, Alex Aiono is the perfect partner for brands wanting to inject new life into their influencer marketing campaigns. His incredible reach offers brands of all shapes and sizes access to a vast target audience, helping to drive the success of their marketing efforts.

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