Dumped to Desirable: Meet the Brands Working with This Year’s Islanders

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There’s been heartbreaks, walk-outs, booting outs, falling outs, L-bombs and plenty of action so far on Love Island. Yes, the reality show has captured the UK’s attention once again as we all watch on as a new set of hopefuls look for love.

While those still in the villa are unaware of what awaits when they leave, some of the dumped islanders are already experiencing the fame and followers that traditionally come along with appearing on the show

Despite many of this year’s contestants already having a respectable online following before entering the villa, all of them have still seen a huge increase in social media followers since the show first aired. And, as many of the islanders continue to remain in the public eye, their new found fame has put them at the top of the list for brands looking to work with influencers.

Check out some of the brands that were waiting as soon as the islanders disembarked from the plane…



If we asked you a few months back who or what CarFume is, you probably wouldn’t know.

Now though, it’s difficult to scroll through your Instagram feed and not see a post or ad about them because the brand has really placed emphasis on Instagram advertising and influencer marketing in recent months.

The new brand deals in luxury car and plug-in fresheners but goes beyond the traditional ‘new car’ scent with its product ranges influenced by designer perfumes such as Boss Bottled, Alien and Black Opium.

Thanks to influencers, the brand has emerged almost overnight and gone from a little-known name to boasting 87.8k followers on Instagram.

As for this year’s islanders, Sherif Lanre, Callum Macleod and Elma Pazar have all collaborated with them and shared their chosen scent to their hugely engaged following.

The posts from these three islanders alone has already brought in a combined 172,945 likes for CarFume – proving that being hot on the heels of this year’s contestants is a must for any brand looking to get its name out there.

Skin Republic


You’ve probably seen your favourite celebrities and influencers posting snaps of them chilling out with a sheet mask on their face. The new beauty phenomenon might look a little odd but does wonders for the skin and is sweeping the beauty industry at the moment.

Global brand Skin Republic has capitalised on the trend and provides nourishing masks for the face, under eyes, hands and feet.

Among its influencer marketing activity, they have an obvious emphasis on partnering with both past and recent Love Islanders – with Eyal Booker from last year’s show and Olivia Bowen circa 2016 just some of the names already associated with them.

When it came to this year’s islanders it was an obvious choice. During her short time in the villa – she lasted just about two weeks – lash technician and beauty-guru, Elma Pazar became the go-to for beauty tips and has since collaborated with Skin Republic.

As part of the Instagram campaign, Elma posted a picture of her wearing the Prime + Refine Mask. The post gained 26,178 likes for the brand and no doubt influenced her followers to purchase from Skin Republic.

Abbott Lyon


Watch and accessory brand Abbott Lyon has become a staple on the arms and wrists of many since it was established in 2014.

The brand, which offers personalised luxury items at more affordable prices has long been actively pursuing influencer marketing having teamed up with the likes of IntheFrow, Misha Grimes and even last year’s Love Islander Zara McDermott.

Perfectly in tune with their target audience and knowing exactly what works (and what doesn’t) the brand has made the brilliant decision to jump on this year’s Love Island hype.

Prior to entering the villa, Molly Mae – who works as an influencer full time – had uploaded several posts on her flourishing platform for Abbott Lyon. And while she has been sunning it up and snuggling up in the villa, the brand has been capitalising her growing popularity with their Molly-related content bringing in thousands of likes.

The brand was also one of the first to add recently dumped islander Elma Pazar to their books. Less than a week after returning back to the UK, Elma was promoting the brand on her Instagram and has gained them 48,430 likes in just one post.

Skinny Food Co


Everyone likes to dip their chips in sauce or smother their pancakes in syrup, but we’re not stupid, we all know that our beloved condiments are packed full of artificial flavours, preservatives and sugars.

Skinny Food Co was created as a solution to this and has developed an extensive range of #notguilty zero calorie sauces, syrups and snacks.

The brand has utilised the power influencers’ following can bring by throwing themselves into influencer marketing in recent months having teamed up with a number of health-conscious names including two from this year’s villa.

He might have been booted out after just two weeks for misconduct, but that hasn’t stopped brands working with Sherif Lanre and Skinny Food Co were one of the first. First contestant to be dumped Callum Macleod has also been creating tasty treats with the condiments and sharing it with his Instagram followers.

Together the pair might have been unlucky in love but they have been lucky for Skinny Food Co as combined their posts have produced 42,831 likesfor the brand.

I Saw It First

I Saw It First is the brand that has arguably invested the most into Love Island 2019 as the official fashion partner for the entire show.

Last year’s partner Missguided saw a 40% sales bump with some of the most popular products seeing an instant 500% sales spike so I Saw It First is sure to be benefitting in the same way.

As a clothing partner, everything you see the islanders wearing during the show – bikinis, accessories, eveningwear and PJs – are provided by the brand and can be purchased online.

Their connection with the islanders doesn’t end once they leave the villa though, with a number of this year’s contestants sporting the brand for appearances, television interviews and more.

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