With a rich history and vibrant culture, Liverpool is a city that thrives with bustling nightlife, endless streets to explore and restaurants to try.

It is home to attractions such as the Mersey River, Royal Albert Dock, and the Liverpool Football Club Museum and Stadium, as well as one of the world’s greatest bands, The Beatles. It even has tourist attractions to celebrate this, such as The Beatles Museum and a Hop-On Hop-Off Beatles tour of the city.

The offerings that Liverpool has doesn’t stop with places to visit, but extends to the successful influencers who have come from the city and the marketing opportunities that it holds. 

Liverpool social media influencers have a lot to offer brands, particularly because local influencers tend to have a specific and engaged audience on top of their own niche, whether that’s fashion, lifestyle, or health and fitness, and so on. 

With local influencers able to be perceived as more relatable, drive a more personal response and generate more meaningful engagement, they may be the best route for your brand, and below are some of the top influencers from Liverpool that you could work with. 

 Dylan Evans 

The Liverpudlian comedian, Dylan Evans, started out making prank video calls from his bedroom at 18-years-old. This led to him becoming a successful YouTuber, quitting university to follow career opportunities related to comedy. 

Dylan has since worked for Juice FM, Capital Liverpool’s breakfast show, and TV channel 4Music, and now has a creative, comedy-fuelled Instagram that keeps his followers entertained. Now, with a successful career as a presenter and a following surpassing 2M on TikTok, the content creator and comedian is a great influencer to boost your brand campaign. 

 Rene’s Cravings 

The Instagram and TikTok chef, Rene, better known as Rene’s Cravings, posts a variety of tasty recipes and tutorials for her followers to try. The Liverpudlian chef boasts a large following on both Instagram and TikTok, and travels the world to learn about different cultures, allowing this to inspire her cooking.

Rene also supports other chefs and restaurants on her social media, recommending them to her audience. With Rene’s talent for content creation and her innovative and accessible recipes, she is a great option if you’re looking for Liverpool food influencers to work with.

 Laurence McKenna 

The actor, director, sports blogger and podcaster, Laurence McKenna, is the Liverpudlian influencer who’s earned great success. Laurence has created podcasts The Front 3 and The True Geordie Podcast, and has created documentaries including one about Jordan Henderson, the captain of Liverpool football club.

Laurence is well-respected in the sporting content creation community and continues to thrive in his career. As such a strong name for podcasting and sports blogging, Laurence is the perfect sporting influencer to match with your local brand, particularly if you’re searching for football influencers, Liverpool-based and well-established.

 Lucy Jane Wood 

Liverpool-based popular YouTuber and social media influencer, Lucy Wood, is the approachable, friendly and charming content creator who shares outfit inspiration, book recommendations and general positive vibes through her content. 

With being in touch with content creation from a young age, Lucy has developed her skills massively and had a successful career from it. Working with brands true to her own interests and values, Lucy has a loyal following that respects and trusts her, making her an ideal influencer for your local brand campaign.

 Amie Dev 

Liverpudlian Amie Dev is a social media personality, influencer, and fashionista. The self-proclaimed plus size fashion creative shares body positivity inspiration for her followers. Her Instagram aesthetically shows off outfits, bikini pics and brand collaborations, and her TikTok keeps up her fashion influencing as well as showing off her more comedic side. 

With an ever-growing following, Amie is on the rise as plus-size model, and having worked with some exciting brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Boux Avenue, and Boohoo, it shows her progression within the fashion influencing world! Amie would be a perfect fashion influencer for your local marketing campaign with her supportive following and passion for fashion! 

 If you’re looking for influencers from Liverpool to work with in order to boost your brand campaign, then get in touch to work with any of the above influencers or to discover new ones, and we can help!