Over recent years, the number of male influencers has significantly increased, whether it be to share their insight into the world of esports and gaming or to give advice on style and fashion.

Taking to the likes of Instagram and YouTube with a variety of different content, there is definitely something for everyone.

Take a look at some of our favourite male influencers on social media.

Jim Chapman

As a member of the original influencer generation, Jim Chapman has been at the forefront of social media influencer marketing for over a decade.

Best known for creating content focused on men's fashion and grooming, Jim also ventures into the world of lifestyle and often post daily vlogs - giving his audience an insight into his everyday routines and a behind the scenes look of all of his work.

With a following of over six million across his social media platforms, Jim is an Internet sensation. This has allowed Jim to explore a variety of different avenues within his online career, such as attending London Fashion Week with luxury designers, trying his hand at modelling and becoming a monthly contributing editor for British GQ - is there anything he can’t do?

Jim has worked with a number of global brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Jaguar and Mercedes.

Jim at a glance:

Instagram: 2m+ followers

YouTube: 2.3m+ followers

Dr Alex George

Best known for his ambitious behaviour, Alex George is not only a popular social media influencer but also an established doctor with the NHS.

With a drive to achieving success, Dr Alex entered into the world of television fame by starring in hit TV series Love Island in 2018. After gracing tv screens with his infectious personality, Alex returned to the world of medicine whilst still retaining his social media influencer title, and rightfully so.

When he isn’t working on his medical career, Alex makes weekly health Q&A's, as well as hosting his own podcast "The Waiting Room". Alex also regularly updates his instagram with images of his daily life, as well as posts based on health and fitness.

A popular choice for promoting positive mental health and well-being, Alex has collaborated with a number of charities including Centre Point UK, who brought him on board to help raise awareness for and tackle the issue of youth homelessness.

Dr Alex George has become a healthcare icon for many young individuals and Love Island fans across the country, and his positive impact continues to grow.

Alex at a glance:

Instagram: 1.3M+ followers

Twitter: 151K+ followers

YouTube: 31.9K+ subscribers

Joe Sugg

Best known for posting challenge videos, pranks and impressions, Joe Sugg quickly shot to fame alongside sister, Zoella (Zoe Sugg) after creating his YouTube channel in 2011.

The social media stars YouTube channel is named ‘ThatcherJoe’ after his previous day job as a roof thatcher.

With over 13 million subscribers across his three YouTube channels, and almost six million followers on Instagram, Joe is one of the most influential people on the Internet. With dedicated platforms for each area of content, Joe focuses on daily vlogging - allowing his fans to get a closer look into life as a YouTuber, as well regularly posting fashion and lifestyle content.

Joe is well-loved for his fun, down to earth and charismatic personality which also led to him being the 2018 Strictly Come Dancing Runner Up, creating his own film, writing a book and appearing as a cameo in a number of famous films. More recently, it has also been announced that Joe will be making his west-end debut in the musical, Waitress.

If you're looking for a fun and quirky male influencer to follow, check out Joe Sugg.

A number of brands Joe has worked with includes Audi, LG, Cartoon Network UK and Visit Dubai.

Joe Sugg at a glance:

Instagram: 5.6m+ followers

YouTube: 8.1m+ subscribers

Man For Himself

Robin James established his blog, Man for Himself in 2012 and since then has conquered the world of social media influencer marketing.

Uploading a whole range of posts covering a variety of topics, from product reviews and hair tutorials to recipes and fashion tips and tricks.

Extending his talent to YouTube, Robin uploads regularly videos on men’s hair, skincare, grooming, luxury style and lifestyle.

Brands that Robin has worked with includes Bicester Village, Boots, Philips, and Gillette.

If you’re looking to up your skincare game or want to learn some style tips and tricks, take a look at Man for Himself.

Robin at a glance:

Instagram: 30k+ followers

YouTube: 280k+ subscribers

Ali Gordon

Ali Gordon is a leading British Internet personality best known for representing the everyday man by covering all aspects of life, including men’s fashion and grooming, lifestyle and travel.

With a long history of modelling and working with a number of luxury global brands, Ali’s incredible Instagram feed is a real feast for the eyes. From high-street style to luxury labels, men’s skincare and travel, Ali’s content has something for everyone.

Fitness and health are also important to Ali and are regularly discussed on his social media, hoping to help men better understand how to look after themselves.

From planning the wedding of the year, completely revamping their home, and attending the Cannes Film Festival, Ali takes his followers along for the ride in all aspects of his life.

Ali has worked with a number of international brands including Hugo Boss, Aston Martin, Armani, and Land Rover.

Ali Gordon at a glance:

Instagram: 350k+ followers

YouTube: 110k+ followers

Those are our top picks of male influencers that are storming the social media world right now.

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