What a year 2021 was! It was filled to the brim with success and innovative influencer marketing campaigns – wouldn't you agree?

But, before we dive headfirst into what is going to be a truly exciting and triumphant 2022, we want to reflect on the last 12 months. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of ten of our favourite influencer campaigns from 2021.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck in...

1 - Acer X Ferne McCann and Nadia Sawalha

Technology brand Acer was keen to promote its products and an array of key messages, and we are thrilled to have worked with the brand on two exciting campaigns!

Both influencers demonstrated the benefits of Acer’s products, showcasing just how they can be used within busy homes and for families.

The campaigns took place across both Instagram and YouTube and were a huge success and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

2 - Aspers Casino X Joey Essex

Perhaps one of our biggest and most successful campaigns to date, we teamed up Aspers Casino with TOWIE star Joey Essex.

Creating cool and innovative content, Joey took to Instagram to share snaps of his time at various events across Asper Casino’s multiple locations. And set to visit Las Vegas with the brand in March 2022, Joey chose a number of winners to join him in the gambling capital of the world.

The campaign has been nothing short of a success, and is one we are incredibly proud of!

3 - Lloyds X Clare Siobhan

Lloyd’s Bank was seeking an influencer to take part in its campaign ‘Fraud’s No Game’ to help protect gamers from fraud.

Clare Siobhan made for the perfect match and as part of the campaign, encouraged behaviour change amongst gamers so that they are less likely to fall victim to fraud.

Creating a variety of social media content, Clare shared and promoted Lloyds Bank’s Gamers Code; S.H.I.E.L.D, with all relevant links and even shared her own experiences of staying safe whilst gaming.

4 - Clinell X Dr Emily Andre

With an aim of educating the public and consumers on the best ways to prevent infections, we partnered Clinell with parenting and health influencer, Dr Emily Andre.

With infections such as COVID-19 on the rise, Dr Emily Andre used her experience of working in the healthcare sector to demonstrate the five principles of cleaning using Clinell Universal Wipes as well as driving her audience to the Clinell Amazon Store.

Taking to Instagram Stories to share the content, Dr Emily also pinned the campaign to her ‘highlights’ to continue the fight against coronavirus and other infections. The campaign was one of both innovation and education and was, as expected, a success.

5 - The Guardian and Grey Goose x Daniel Marin

November saw us work on an incredibly exciting campaign with The Guardian and leading vodka brand, Grey Goose.

After taking note of the campaign’s key messages and desired deliverables and outcomes, we teamed The Guardian and Grey Goose with popular lifestyle influencer, Daniel Marin.

The brands and Daniel partnered up to create a fun and adventurous cocktail masterclass, demonstrating how to create a classic martini cocktail, but with a twist. Shared across The Guardian’s website and accompanied with a video, the campaign reached thousands of people and was a huge success!

6 - Frosty Jack’s X Sam Thompson

During the summer, we partnered Frosty Jack’s with none other than Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, and this partnership made quite the match!

Renowned for his hilarious content and witty sense of humour, Sam created a fun and innovative ‘welcome to my crib’ style video, showcasing the Frosty Jack’s 500ml can throughout – which went down a treat with his legion of loyal followers.

The video was shared to his main feed and received more than half a million views and is continuing to receive an influx of likes and comments.

7 - St. Modwen Homes X Olivia Bowen

Our final campaign of last year was between St. Modwen Homes and Love Island royalty, Olivia Bowen.

St. Modwen Homes is an award-winning national housebuilder. The brand delivers a range of homes for a variety of purchasers, and as someone passionate about homes and interiors, Olivia Bowen was the perfect match for the campaign.

Working with the brand across Instagram, Olivia presented a competition, interviewed the winner and hosted a ‘live’ video, reaching thousands of fans from around the world.

8 - Lovehoney X Mollie Campsie

Black Friday is one of the biggest dates in retail, so we were thrilled to be asked to partner Lovehoney with an influencer to promote its Black Friday campaign.

Mollie Campsie made for the perfect match and took to Instagram to share an image to her main feed, and to her Stories, showcasing her favourite Lovehoney products.

Demonstrating that the Black Friday campaign was bigger and better than ever before with more fun and thrills for less, Mollie also shared the brand’s key messaging of getting a Black Friday Buzz which was a huge hit with fans!

9 - DS Automobiles x Travel Mad Mum

DS Automobiles was keen to collaborate with an influencer, and as our very own Travel Mad Mum was looking to try out an electric car to improve her family’s carbon footprint, it was clearly meant to be!

Trying out the fully electric DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, Travel Mad Mum took to Instagram as part of the campaign to share an innovative Reel, as well as a series of Stories.

Showing off the sleek interior and features of the car, Travel Mad Mum documented her experience with the car during a family staycation – it is safe to say the entire family was impressed and are even more keen to make their next car, electric.

10 - Skippy x Daddy Cooks Food & Travel Mad Mum

Popular peanut butter brand Skippy was keen to raise awareness of both its brand and its products. Seeking the help of social media influencers, we teamed up Skippy popular food and travel influencers Daddy Cooks Food and Travel Mad Mum.

Daddy Cooks Food took to Instagram to share a post to his main feed including a recipe, as well as sharing to Instagram Stories. Similarly, Travel Mad Mum posted a Reel and a Story showcasing that the product is a great source of protein for children and families.

With thousands of views, the campaign was nothing short of successful.

Those are just 10 of our favourite campaigns from 2021, and after reflecting on the last year, we are incredibly excited to get stuck in to 2022.

Already, we have lots of fun and exciting campaigns lined up and we can’t wait to share these with you!

If you’re a brand seeking to enlist the help of influencer marketing experts, or an influencer looking to collaborate with a brand, contact our team today by emailing contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk, or give us a call on 02039 580 427.