As of February 2021, TikTok has 689 million monthly active users worldwide, so it is no surprise that they are upping their game and thinking of ways to monetise their platform, helping it to reach its full revenue potential. 

And, as reported by Business Insider, TikTok will soon be adding a brand-new range of ads that will be showing before, during or after a video.

The ads will consist of in-stream shopping tools as the platform continues to explore its potential within the ecommerce sector. 

TikTok won’t just be introducing one option of advertising, but four. And, as TikTok has become well known for product discovery, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Collection Ads 

The first of which is called ‘Collection Ads’, which allows brands to merge their product listings with their branded videos, providing users with the opportunity to click through to items they have seen showcased throughout the video.

Collections Ads will be somewhat similar to that of YouTube’s product listings, which sit beneath a playing shopping ad. Similarly, Collection Ads will make videos more shoppable, driving sales and increasing revenue. 

Dynamic Product Ads 

The platform's range of Dynamic Product Ads will aim to retarget users to relevant products based on their online activity. 

Promo Tiles and Showcase Tiles 

Perhaps the most diverse form of ecommerce ad, Promo Tiles will allow brands and advertisers to add customisable sales and alerts to their ads that are seen in-feed.

However, Showcase Tiles will utilise the help of online content creators and social media influencers in order to promote the products in the videos.

The future of TikTok 

What may have begun as a way to get through lockdown, share hilarious videos and duet with friends, family and celebrities, has been a game-changer within the industries of influencer marketing and ecommerce. 

The likes of Instagram and YouTube have monetised their platforms for quite some time now, so it was only a matter of time before TikTok followed suit. 

With 47% of TikTok users admitting to buying something they’ve seen whilst on the app, it is clear that ecommerce is the way forward for a platform with such influential power. 

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