Set to be worth $13.8 billion this year, the influencer marketing industry is one that just keeps on giving. And the delivery of high-quality content from both brands and influencers is what keeps our social media feeds filled with diversity, innovation and entertainment.

And with a variety of influencers, such as nano, macro and micro, continuing to share insightful campaigns, we thought we would share some of our faves.

From one-offs, to regular, long-term campaigns, our social media feeds simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

But first, what is a micro influencer?

micro influencer is somebody with between 10,000 to 50,000 followers, and they are renowned for their smaller, yet highly engaged audience.

Often specialising in a particular niche, micro influencers are often a brand’s go-to when selecting influencers for an upcoming campaign. And that is all because of their close relationship with followers, combined with their ability to authentically influence purchasing decisions.

Micro influencer marketing is a great way for brands to reach their target audience at a reasonable price. And there is a plethora of ways to work with influencers, and here at Influencer Matchmaker, we are experts at matching influencers with brands.

Now you know what a micro influencer is, let’s get into the fun stuff.

So, here are six successful micro influencer campaigns that we have been loving...

Sug Sean

Sean is a fine example of a micro influencer working with high-end, luxurious brands. From fragrances to men’s fashion, Sean is renowned for his sophisticated and suave content.

However, throughout 2021, Sean has teamed up with Vitabiotics in a bid to prioritise his health, which, after the coronavirus pandemic, is something we’re sure many social media users will also be doing.

Regularly showcasing how the health-conscious consumer can incorporate vitamins into their day-to-day life, Sean continues to create fun, engaging yet realistic content surrounding such.

What’s more impressive, is Sean’s ability to continually share the campaign whilst creating new, exciting and informative images and videos as part of the campaign.

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Bronte King

Known for travelling the world and sharing fun-filled snaps showing off her golden sun-kissed tan, Bronte regularly works with fake tan brand The Isle of Paradise.

If she isn’t island hopping, seeing the sights of Bali or sunbathing in Ibiza, Bronte continues to top up her tan, and so this collaboration is nothing short of honest, authentic and relatable.

Showing true before and afters, and how she uses the brand’s products in videos detailing her morning routines, Bronte, her content, and her role as UK micro influencer, is second to none.

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Take Heart

The Queen of body positivity, self-confidence and self-love, Tabitha, also known online as Take Heart is renowned for honest, relatable yet truly uplifting social media content.

Keen to demonstrate an unfiltered representation of her life, body and skin, Tabby is the ultimate Instagram bestie.

And to aid her in her quest to inspire others, encouraging them to embrace their true selves, Tabby has become an ambassador for Pour Moi, a brand specialising in lingerie, swimwear and nightwear.

Regularly updating her followers on new products through a variety of images, videos, Instagram Reels and even outfit posts, Tabby and her work with Pour Moi is a prime example of a successful influencer marketing campaign.

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Beth Sandland

Perhaps one of the most popular UK micro influencers around, Beth Sandland is recognised for her content on parenting, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

Always sharing content that is relatable and true to both herself and her lifestyle, Beth continues to work on campaigns with long-term partner, Readly.

Recognised for her love of books and having founded her very own book club, this collaboration was a match made in heaven. The Readly app is perfect for those that enjoy reading magazines, and Beth uses her platform to share the benefits of such, as well as supplying her audience with discount codes, free trials and updated information.

And sharing the information across Instagram in a variety of ways, including images, videos, Instagram Reels and of course, to Stories, too, the campaign are always incredibly well received by her audience.

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Robin, of the popular Instagram page Man For Himself, is known for his love and passion for men’s beauty, grooming and fashion.

Having firmly established his niche and recognised for his luscious locks, it was only right for Robin to team up with haircare brand Nioxin. As Robin is keen to prevent hair loss and keep his hair looking thick and healthy, this was a collaboration that completely made sense.

Was there ever a more appt influencer marketing campaign? We think not!

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Maria J Blogs

Maria J Blogs is one of (if not THE) most popular petite fashion bloggers on the ol’ Gram. And whilst she spends her days styling outfits and finding the best London locations to take photos in, Maria has also been honest and open about her lack of confidence when it comes to her smile.

Which is why, a long-term influencer marketing campaign with Invisalign, was the perfect fit! Although slightly different to her usual fashion-related content, this collaboration was authentic and relatable.

Documenting the entire journey on Instagram and YouTube, Maria’s collaboration with Invisalign has been nothing short of a huge success!

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All of the above micro influencer campaigns have been so incredibly successful, and that is down to a handful of things. Firstly, each influencer has established their very own niche, and work hard to become known with that area. And, because of that, they have gained a highly engaged audience, that connects and relates with all that they do.

Whilst they may not have hundreds of thousands of followers, micro influencers do have the ability to influence on what some would consider, an even more influential level.

So, with that in mind, we’re here to help you find influencers that can help your brand raise awareness, increase sales and reach a defined target audience. And here at Influencer Matchmaker, we’re on hand to support both influencers and brands – from providing micro influencer rates, to helping the collaboration come together.

If you’re seeking the help and expertise of a UK micro influencer, then contact our team of experts today by emailing Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.