As we are moving into the middle of the year, we thought now was a perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the top campaigns we have set up and managed over the past six months. Here are five of our favourites…

1. Bicester Village

Influencer: Man For Himself, Sug Sean Webster and Twenty First Century Gent.

Combined following: 122.3k 

Summary of campaign: Top designer shopping outlet, Bicester Village, used the three prominent male influencers to help them more widely promote the +100 designer stores they have. Each influencer was invited to spend the day exploring the village and each uploaded one creative post to their Instagram platform.

2. Diesel

Influencer: Sug Sean Webster 

Following: 45.5k 

Summary of campaign: To help them launch the re-vamp of their Carnaby Street store, Italian retail company, Diesel, sought the help of top male fashion and lifestyle influencer, Sug Sean Webster. Sean took part in a photoshoot with Diesel, where he was dressed head to toe in the brand, with the chosen image used as part of the store’s external design. Sean also uploaded three Instagram posts of the store as part of the collaboration.

3. Heineken

Influencer: Sug Sean Webster 

Following: 45.5k

Summary of campaign: Heineken, worked with Sug Sean Webster to generate a buzz around their ‘Unexpected Moments’ campaign which promotes their non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0. For the high-profile collaboration Heineken hosted an indulgent dinner party with Michelin star food, and Sean attended and hosted the evening’s proceedings. Activity included uploading an Instagram Live to his followers as well as promotional uploads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as on his blog. 

4. yoomoo

Influencer: Fuss Free Flavours

Following: 55.2k 

Summary of campaign: Top food blogger, Fuss Free Flavours is engaging in an on-going campaign with frozen yoghurt brand, yoomoo. As part of their 2018 campaign, the brand want to encourage people to enjoy the delights of fro-yo any time of the day. As part of the partnership, Fuss Free Flavours has come up with a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe using yoomoo as a key ingredient. Running until the end of summer, Fuss Free Flavours is sharing the recipes on her hugely popular blog and Instagram platforms.

5. Avon

Influencer: Misha Grimes

Following: 36k (Instagram) 68,403 (YouTube)

Summary of campaign: Direct selling company, Avon, partnered with beauty influencer, Misha Grimes. Avon retail their own Mark makeup line and brought Misha on board to help them promote their brow bar and lipsticks within the collection. They also wanted to bring a boost to their hair care offering too. Misha carried out three separate promotional campaigns and across the entire campaign created seven Instagram posts, six YouTube videos and one blog post for the brand. 

This is just a small glimpse into the busy goings on at Influencer Matchmaker. If you want to work with any of these influencers, or want to find out about how Influencer Matchmaker can help bring a boost to you as a brand or an influencer, contact Amelia Neate and team on 0203 9580 427 or email: